Healthy Living

Resident Resource Coordinators work with residents and partners to create healthier and more sustainable communities by increasing access to information, resources, and amenities designed to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Programs Include:

Community Gardens

In collaboration with partners, Love & Carrots and Rooftop Roots, residents maintain urban gardens and participate biweekly or monthly in gardening, health and nutrition, and sustainability workshops.

Nutrition Classes

Facilitated by community partners, nutrition classes focus on healthy food selection, budgeting, cooking, and growing.

Fitness Classes

Facilitated by various community partners, classes vary from Zumba to dance classes, fall prevention for seniors, and chair exercises for residents with limited mobility.

Health Workshops

Facilitated by community partners, topics can include dental care, diabetes and blood pressure management, sexual education, and sustainable household management.

Temah Healthcare Services

Contributes to the reduction of hospitalization of residents at Linden Park by providing quality healthcare and making care accessible to residents in their homes. Therapeutic, empathetic, and holistic care is provided to interested residents to promote optimal health and wellness.