For almost 20 years Somerset Development has partnered with tenant associations, nonprofits, and resident councils to provide Resident Services programs and social services for all of our affordable housing communities. Starting with a youth service program at our first property, Faircliff Plaza East (FPE), we have learned that it takes more than bricks and mortar to strengthen the communities we work with and to make meaningful change in the lives of the residents who live there.

Today, programs and social services are available at all 11 of Somerset’s affordable properties with more than 2,500 residents. The programs are sustained through the initial establishment of a Resident Services Endowment Fund and a commitment of approximately 15% of the net cash flow of the property. All 11 properties have at least one onsite Resident Services Coordinator who work on meeting Somerset’s Overarching Resident Services Objectives, which aim to:

  • Create a platform of opportunity and stability
  • Create a healthier and more sustainable community
  • Empower residents by involving them in decision making
  • Encourage successful tenancies

Our programs and services continue to evolve with core areas of programming Youth and Education, Employment and Job Skills, Family and Housing Stability, Healthy Living and Community Building. We invest cash flow of each property, and establish Tenant Endowment Funds to ensure we can offer robust programming and services at each site without having to fundraise. In 2018 we:


invested in Resident Services budgets

Over $40,000

worth of donated groceries and prepared meals


social service referrals to local nonprofits and District agencies

550 hours

dedicated to after school and summer camp programming

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