Youth and Education

Somerset provides youth programming to over 90 children every year from low income families.

After School

After School programs for children in kindergarten through 5th grade are offered Monday–Friday for 3 hours during DCPS school days. The program focus is homework completion and social and emotional learning. Dinner is provided for all participants at no cost.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp for children in kindergarten through 5th grade is offered Monday–Friday for 5 hours during 5 weeks of the summer break. The program focus is preventing summer learning loss and exposing participants to new experiences. Breakfast, lunch and a snack provided for all participants at no cost.

Homework Help

Homework Help for children in k–12th grade is offered two to three days a week for 2 hours during DCPS school days. The program focus is homework completion. Dinner is provided for all participants at no cost.

Teen College & Career Readiness

Teen College & Career Readiness for 6th–12th grade students is a new initiative. The program assists students on the path to high school graduation and the post-secondary college and career opportunities aligned with their interests and goals. The Resident Resource Coordinator will assist students in developing organizational, time-management, and study skills that help students improve and maintain a strong grade point average and encourage their overall academic success.

Urban Alliance

Urban Alliance provides high school students with a work experience that builds their pathway to self-sufficiency. They provide high school seniors real-world experiences to set them up for future success in college and the job market. Urban Alliance also actively recruits young people at our sites to engage in the high school internship program. Urban Alliance and Somerset have been partners for over ten years.

Counselor-in-Training Program

The Counselor-in-Training Program is available to young people living on our properties who have aged out of summer camp (6th–12th grade). Young people apply for opportunities to work in summer camp as counselors. Upon successful completion, counselors receive a stipend for their work.

Dance Institute of Washington

The Dance Institute of Washington increases the inclusive and diverse representation at every level of the professional ballet and dance industries in DC. DIW has partnered with Somerset for more than 10 years and together have provided scholarships for young people to engage in dance training, ballet, hip hop, tap, African dance, free of cost.

DC Central Kitchen Community Meals Program

The Community Meals Program at DC Central Kitchen provides free, nutritious meals for youth program participants. Every day with the help of their dedicated volunteers, they transform 3,000 pounds of otherwise wasted food into 5,000 healthy meals for the community. These aren’t simply bags of donated groceries or crates of canned goods—they’re real meals, made by hand by graduates of their Culinary Job Training program who now work for DC Central Kitchen full-time with living wages.


Scholarships are available to residents at or beyond a high school level, seeking education or skills training which will demonstrably lead to gainful employment or employment advancement. The objective of the program is to defray costs of higher education and/or training for residents seeking employment or to improve their professional skills to advance in their careers.

Computer Classes

Computer classes are available for adult and senior residents to gain or improve their computer literacy. Classes are structured to meet residents where they are and build on their skills to obtain proficiency in use of the internet and some Microsoft Office Suite programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The facilitators also assist residents with searching for employment.